Guide to Houston Street

Scenes from Houston Street
345 550 LooperCleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs #NBA#NBA #KnicksSpurs #MSGNetwork #FoxSportsSouthwest #SportsFan 🏀My last two clips from my M&P Bodyguard at 15 feet. Damn thing is going to take a lot of range time. Long ass trigger and it just disappears in my mitts. Certainly will not be shooting this beyond 10 feet until I put another couple hundred rounds throughMy first two clips out of my M&P Bodyguard ☚ī¸A quick stop every. single. friday. Happy hour from 5-7 with some super jams. Get there during the week 😕#happyhour @tuckerskozykornerIn line at Big Lou's Pizza.  May be another hour before we can order.