Guide to SoFlo - South Flores

Reputation: San Antonio’s artistic side. Main Drag: South Flores Street. Lowdown: Catering heavily to artistic types with the neo-industrial setting, South Flores (or SoFlo) is home to an array of lofts, townhomes, art studios and entertainment destinations that occupy the once dilapidated, early 20th century buildings. The South Flores Arts District consists of many galleries and performance spaces, many of which frequently boast live music, film screenings and theatrical performances. Many of the spaces also have regular openings on the monthly art walk event known as (and hosted on the) Second Saturday. Art Galleries & Performance Spaces: Fl!ght, Gallista, Lonestar Studios, One9Zero6, Salon Mijangos. More

Scenes from SoFlo - South Flores
Misión San José y San Miguel de AguayoMisión Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de AcuñaCreate to your limits.  I've been pushing limits for myself a bit lately and loving it.  @archangel_sarah killing it underwater the other day. Good times were had by all as long as we weren't drowning at the time. . . . . . . . #psmakeup #makeup done in #Bailey: MOMMY!! What is this?!? Me: This is a pay phone, before the smart phones existed we used this.  Bailey: Ohhhhhhhh #blytheinstagram #middieblythe #middieblythephoto #lydiagreenMoving StoneMisión San José y San Miguel de AguayoBailey: MOMMY!! Didn't we just eat dinner here last night? This same place?  Me: Yes, we all did. This is our new favorite Mexican restaurant.  Bailey: Can we order huevos rancheros with bacon?  Me: Of course!!!