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Itís probably a good thing that alcohol flows freely at San Antonioís karaoke bars. Otherwise you might have to pay attention to or, for that matter, remember the awful displays of singing. Karaoke isnít about listening to talented singers, though. Itís all about making a fool of yourself in public, and San Antonio has plenty of places for such an occasion. For those too timid to take the stage, most karaoke bars feature drink specials. After a few of those, there shouldnít be a song that doesnít look good to sing in front of throngs of strangers. San Antonioís karaoke bars are also excellent places to break up a night of bar hopping. Itís hard to find something better to watch than your overly lubricated friends singing their hearts out in public.
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8507 McCullough Ave. #A9, San Antonio TX 78216; Tel. 210.344.4747
Bringing Las Vegas style entertainment to San Antonio, Wayne Harper takes over weekends at Martini's as he performs every voice in Vegas for the "Legends in Concert" show. When Wayne isn't wooing the crowd at the bar, Martini's is a karaoke bar with singers of varying talent and sobriety taking the microphone. The San Antonio bar is decorated with mirrors, tinsel behind the stage and faux guitars in true casino lounge style. For those who can't get away from San Antonio for a Las Vegas weekend getaway, going to Martini's is the next best thing.
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