Karaoke Bars in San Antonio

It’s probably a good thing that alcohol flows freely at San Antonio’s karaoke bars. Otherwise you might have to pay attention to or, for that matter, remember the awful displays of singing. Karaoke isn’t about listening to talented singers, though. It’s all about making a fool of yourself in public, and San Antonio has plenty of places for such an occasion. For those too timid to take the stage, most karaoke bars feature drink specials. After a few of those, there shouldn’t be a song that doesn’t look good to sing in front of throngs of strangers. San Antonio’s karaoke bars are also excellent places to break up a night of bar hopping. It’s hard to find something better to watch than your overly lubricated friends singing their hearts out in public.

8134 Broadway St San Antonio TX 78209
2522 Nacogdoches Rd San Antonio TX 78217
8507 McCullough Ave San Antonio TX 78216
842 NW Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78216
1123 Fair Avenue San Anonio TX 78223
10820 Bandera Rd San Antonio TX 78250
9837 W Interstate 10 San Antonio TX 78230
1425 North Main Ave San Antonio TX 78212
9355 Culebra Rd San Antonio TX 78250
11407 West Avenue San Antonio TX 78213

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