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Moving Stone#catquestions #catpeopleproblems so got a question my fellow cat mini panther boy Pippin Sirius seems to be a fairly happy cat but he hardly ever all cats purr?#catsandboxes­čś╣­čś╣­čÉż­čÉż #catsinboxes #blackcatsinboxes Pippin Sirius loves it when I get deliveries#blackcatsrule #blackcats #blackcatsclub my beautiful boy Pippin Sirius#whitecat white kitty with a saggy belly by pool areaMisi├│n Nuestra Se├▒ora de la Pur├şsima Concepci├│n de Acu├▒aCreate to your limits.  I've been pushing limits for myself a bit lately and loving it.  @archangel_sarah killing it underwater the other day. Good times were had by all as long as we weren't drowning at the time. . . . . . . . #psmakeup #makeup done in #

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